"No purpose of God's can be thwarted"  Job 42:2



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Mission Statement

Justice Overcoming Borders(JOB) is a coalition of faith communities uniting to act for justice, build power, and transform communities in the Stateline area.  JOB's primary purpose is to create a strong, institution-based organization to powerfully engage and impact public decisions and give voice to the poor and powerless.

JOB Guiding Principles

God has called us to live, speak and act courageously in faith, to create the beloved community by building power to transform the world.  We do this by building relationships and the strategic, capacity to powerfully engage and impact public decisions.

We stand together in our faith to:

* Act to show the dignity and infinite worth

of every human life.

* Live as a part of the sacred community of all.

* Work for justice and liberation.

* Serve as stewards of the natural world.

* Share the abundance of our creator, and

* Declare the triumph of love and hope

 over hate and fear


For more information contact: Tom Boswell,Organizer at tomboswell2002@yahoo.com

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